Saturday, November 5, 2011

Portrait bust of Cecily- Rob Zeller

Since I teach both the figure and portrait at our Oyster Bay location, I find myself often wanting to try something new, something other than the working method than I teach. Partly stemming from boredom, partly a hunger for the new, this desire can be healthy, if channeled the right way.

 So I have added charcoal to my repetiore. The figure to the left is a charcoal drawing on toned paper of Cecily, and was begun as a demo for our OB figure class. I try to work from the model in class, to constntly demonstrate how the act of painting for our students.

This piece has since turned into a singular mission for me, as I have hired her privately on several occasions to try new techniques of charcoal and in "massing in" of forms in oil paint.

In focusing on her face, I tried to capture the big wash of light on her skull, and then all of the minor sub-forms (eggs) of her face, as they turn into and away from the light source. This is the most fun I have as a draftsman. Cecily lends herself to a rather dream-like, ethereal expression, so I went for that aspect, as well.

In the image above, you can see that I am working from a color study and the drawing, and working on the face first.

Here is where we stand at present. Almost finished.

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