Saturday, October 22, 2011

The 2 Day Still Life with John Morra

On two weekends in October 2011, John Morra taught a workshop at both of our locations titled The Two Day Still Life where painters confronted a healthy urgency: each artist arranged and executed a complete painting in 12 hours. By following Morra’s painting demonstrations, they learned how to set up a grid system, grab their palette, mix piles of paint, focus and “floor it.
Students ended each day with boosted confidence, and with a sharper ability to attack the essential “big picture” parts of any subject. As Morra said "Fast still-life painting helps you to capture those roving clouds in a plein air sketch, or that fidgety child in that portrait you’ve been promising. And the discipline of painting fast will greatly improve the over-all quality of one’s more ambitious, carefully drawn, slow paintings."