Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Living Portrait with Maria Kreyn

The Living Portrait
(in graphite)

with Maria Kreyn
A workshop at our Brooklyn location on December 17 and 18.

The Living Portrait workshop consisted of two days of drawing from the live model with Maria Kreyn. It was designed for artists of all skill levels.

This workshop focused on creating both the likeness of the model and also emotional expression, bringing the portrait to life using the special beauty and simplicity of the graphite medium.
Pictured: Kreyn beginning her demonstration.

Kreyn placed emphasis on developing expression, elegant line quality, edges, atmosphere, and internal gesture. By working from general to specific, students learned a process of drawing that focuses on quickly laying down a large amount of information, and then honing and focusing it--like a lens--to a high finish of detail and clarity. Kreyn offered both critiques and an in-class demonstration.

The instructor's demo

Jason, by Maria Kreyn

The work produced by the workshop artists was of a very high quality.

The Bushwick Poet,
by Kate Savage

 Portrait of Jason,

by Rob Zeller

Works in progress by Stephan Pokorny and Barbara Leonardi

Friday, December 2, 2011

A December to Remember

A Christmas Party/ Open Studio/ Registration Drive kind of a thing...

Thursday night, December 8th, 7-9pm

Free and Open to the public*

You are welcome to bring food and beverages, though, and that also includes baked goods!

It's Christmas time, its Hanukkah, its time to register for new classes, and Adam Miller has an enormous 7 ft painting he is working on for his solo show this spring.

Those are all reasons enough to open our doors to the public and have a party. You will certainly enjoy meeting some our faculty and touring the facilities. And Adam's painting is quite a spectacle, even at this early stage.
This 7 foot high work in progress by Adam Miller

will be on display for our holiday party December 8th.

John Morra's Open Studio and Sale

Saturday December 10, 3-8pm

56 Church St.

Stuyvessant, NY

come and see over 100 paintings and drawings

by faculty member John Morra in his converted church studio

Holiday Food and Drinks will be served.