Saturday, October 22, 2011

The 2 Day Still Life with John Morra

On two weekends in October 2011, John Morra taught a workshop at both of our locations titled The Two Day Still Life where painters confronted a healthy urgency: each artist arranged and executed a complete painting in 12 hours. By following Morra’s painting demonstrations, they learned how to set up a grid system, grab their palette, mix piles of paint, focus and “floor it.
Students ended each day with boosted confidence, and with a sharper ability to attack the essential “big picture” parts of any subject. As Morra said "Fast still-life painting helps you to capture those roving clouds in a plein air sketch, or that fidgety child in that portrait you’ve been promising. And the discipline of painting fast will greatly improve the over-all quality of one’s more ambitious, carefully drawn, slow paintings."


  1. This was an amazing workshop. John Morro is my favorite American Still Life painter and he is such a giving and supportive teacher as well. I learned so much in a short period of time. In addition, John is an all around nice guy and really fun to hang and paint with for two days.

    Thank you Teaching Studio's for arranging another great workshop with another iconic artist.

  2. Great workshop! John is generous with his time and ideas. He runs an informative and fun workshop.
    When can he come again???

  3. I took John's workshop at the school in Brooklyn. He is a knowledgeable, generous and excellent teacher. I learned a lot and truly enjoyed the class. Sign me up for the next one too!

  4. After taking a workshop with John, you'll understand why his students rave about him. His passion for art and high energy whisks you up - you'll accomplish (and learn) much more than you thought possible!